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Lanna Broyles
Lanna BroylesEditor/Writer/Production Coordinator
Lanna joined ClearWord Communications Group in 2009 as the company editor. Her duties grew to include mail production work and writing as the company expanded. Before joining the ClearWord family, Lanna was a magazine editor and writer for WPL Publishing, Primedia Inc., McGraw-Hill, and the LDS Church. Her experience also includes corporate writing and editing, as well as freelance work. In addition to her work in the direct mail industry, Lanna’s writing and editing experience includes hard and soft news, courts, construction, religion, business, education, and the arts.

Lanna earned her undergraduate degree in print journalism (with minors in English and Spanish) from Brigham Young University. After a 20-year schooling hiatus, she is now pursuing a graduate degree in English and rhetoric from Arizona State University. Lanna and her husband, Ren, live in Northern Virginia and have two children.