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Taania Hendrix
Taania HendrixVice President of Administration, Production Associate
Taania was brought into the company in 2012 by her husband, Rick Hendrix, co-founder of ClearWord Communications Group. She’d previously owned a direct mail production agency that solely focused on producing and mailing small high-dollar packages. When children came along, she found it difficult to stuff mailings and care for children, so opted to step back. When the youngest graduated high school, Rick brought her on board to work with production. With his illness and subsequent double lung transplant, she gradually took on more of the managerial chores that Rick had done, and upon Rick’s death in June 2016, she has stepped naturally into the job of being ClearWord’s vice president of administration, but continues to work with production for many clients.

Taania and Rick are the proud parents of three lovely daughters, Emily, Laura and Megan. Taania continues to be involved in their church but has no aspirations to follow in Rick’s footsteps in county politics, Sons of the American Revolution, the Electoral Board, or creative writing. The ClearWord family and Taania greatly miss Rick, but continue to work to pursue the vision of the company that Rick co-founded.