Our primary goal is to provide high quality, effective direct response fundraising programs to our clients.

ClearWord Communications Group is a direct marketing fundraising agency specializing in high-dollar direct mail. Since 2005, ClearWord has provided high-quality, effective direct response fundraising and marketing programs for organizations with missions we believe in. Since our founding, we have raised over $123 million and added thousands of new donors for our clients. Many of these high value donors have upgraded, when cultivated by professional staff, to giving at levels above $100,000.

Within the HSP Direct family of companies, ClearWord remains a distinct and independent entity devoted to our unique creative approach and high-dollar direct mail model.

Our Process Starts With Your Mission

We collaborate with clients so that our programs are not only effective, but also capture the organization’s personality.


Strategic direction for high dollar mail programs

Expertise you can trust from a partner who shares your goals.


Presenting your mission to donors in a clear, honest, and compelling manner

Every client has a unique voice, a unique mission, a unique solution to the problem at hand.


Donor file segmentation strategy

Savvy audience segmentation minimizes cost while maximizing response.


Enhanced results through predictive modeling and database overlays

Online access to mailing results. In-depth results analysis and annual projections of program performance.

+ Packages Mailed
Years Delivering Results for Clients
+ Raised for Client Causes

Our Core Values

We call ourselves ClearWord because it is our intention to speak clearly and honestly with both clients and donors. All of us know of organizations which do not hold to this important principle. It is our intention to be something different. Because integrity matters.

Each person on the ClearWord staff sees our work for our clients as part of our own personal contribution to the cause of liberty and freedom. Therefore, we will only accept clients that we ourselves would support with our own time or money. Likewise, we believe that the programs we are raising money for must be real and effective and have a demonstrated pattern of success. Clients proposing potential programs to donors must have a genuine intent to implement them. 
We do not own or co-own the names generated by prospecting programs conducted for our clients. Your names remain your own. 
If state regulators didn’t require us to have contracts, we probably wouldn’t have them. We believe it is still possible to do business with a handshake. But regulators insist on regulating and so we must have contracts. 

However, we include a 30-day cancellation option because we do not want to lock our clients into a relationship with us. If our clients are not happy with our work, they are free to walk away.

We do not offer cookie cutter programs. Every client has a unique voice, a unique mission, a unique solution to the problem at hand. It is our intention to collaborate with our clients so that our letters are not only effective, but also capture a client’s organizational personality. Arbitrary metrics don’t dictate whether a project is successful. Success is based on whether our work achieves the client’s goals. Let’s define those goals together.

Our Clients, Our Partners

Some of our valued present and former clients include:

We adhere to a “high-dollar” model of fundraising

which targets and cultivates affluent donors capable of expanded giving over time.

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