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In March of 2019, ClearWord Communications joined forces with HSP Direct, a large direct marketing company headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia. Within the HSP family of companies, ClearWord remains a distinct and independent entity, still focusing on high-value donors, building lasting donor relationships, and increasing donor giving over time. Thanks to this change, ClearWord can now offer more services to our clients, such as state-of-the-art results reporting, database modeling, access to previously unavailable donor lists, and world class digital marketing capabilities.


NOVA maintains lists of more than 2.5 million names of conservative Americans. NOVA maintains relationships with other industry-leading brokerage firms to ensure we deliver appeals to the right target donor base. They also oversee and market the use of your donor names to generate additional revenue for your organization or campaign.


The OnPoint+ Database creates targeted audiences by modeling over 20 years of collected direct response data, including over 50 million direct mail transactions, along with 500+ 3rd party data elements, including consumer behavior, online behavior, demographics, political views, wealth indicators, and much more. The OnPoint+ Database was built by NOVA List Company with one goal: to improve our client’s acquisition, retention, and overall marketing intelligence using modeling, analytics, and technology.


OnPoint+ Standard Data: Over 25 million individuals who are modeled as “likely” to donate.

OnPoint+ Premium Data: Over 3 million individuals who are known to donate through the mail.

OnPoint+ Refresh: An acquisition tool built to activate lapsed donors.

OnPoint+ Donor Analysis Reports: A report that provides a descriptive overview of a donor file using the 250+ data elements and how that donor file compares to the direct marketing landscape.

OnPoint+ Appends: A service that can match a postal address with emails, SMS, and landlines. This gives clients the ability to communicate with donors through multiple channels.


Another HSP Direct sister company – Sunrise Data provides clients with advanced list cleansing and mailing list security to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and cost effectiveness. The Sunrise eSun platform allows clients to access their list, donors, contact information – and provides a better understand of giving history, mail preferences, and more.

With SD 360, their cutting-edge campaign analysis software, clients have immediate access to all their direct marketing campaign results on one central platform. SD 360 goes beyond traditional analytics by adding incremental layers of data enhancements to generate a complete performance analysis of your campaigns.


HSP’s Blitz Digital Group specializes in online fundraising, advertising, email list management, social media, branding, and messaging. Blitz’s team boasts award winning creative talent and expert online marketers who will deliver results with a digital strategy designed for your campaign or organization. For a growing number of our clients, ClearWord is actively partnering with Blitz to create integrated mail and digital campaigns that build on each other to provide unprecedented levels of donor response and cultivation.


Our high-dollar model is only part of the fundraising success we bring to our clients. Thanks to unprecedented growth in investment assets over the past two decades, many conservative donors have already met their goal of financial security for their families. These individuals may consider giving some of their excess wealth to a favorite non-profit. Billions of these dollars will flow into planned gifts over the next few decades. ClearWord can help your organization show these potential donors why your mission is a worthwhile legacy.