Caroline D'Agati
Caroline D'AgatiAccount Executive
Caroline first met the ClearWord team while working at Americans for Prosperity, partnering with ClearWord on AFP’s high-dollar donor communications. Since then, she has worked as an editor in the defense industry, writing on intelligence and national security topics. Prior to joining ClearWord, she worked as a full-time freelancer doing work for a wide variety of organizations, including the Mercatus Center, The Federalist, and ClearWord itself. She has a diverse background in public policy, nonprofits, tourism, education, religious organizations, and writing and editing of just about every kind.

Her fun fact is that she used to be a ranger in the National Park Service – a job that taught her how to build an emotional connection with her audience. It also laid the foundation for a career built on love of ideas, people, and telling the American story. She has her B.A. from Georgetown and M.A. from The New School.