High-Dollar Direct Mail Campaigns

ClearWord Communications Group high-dollar direct mail capitalizes on your organization’s most valuable asset: your relationships.

Traditional direct mail is the backbone of non-profit fundraising. ClearWord’s high-dollar direct mail programs build on the foundation of traditional mail programs by cultivating donor relationships that lead to long term loyalty and, in many cases, major giving. We don’t concentrate as much on the volume of mail as the long-term giving potential of each donor we contact.

Our goal is to clearly and compellingly present the mission of our clients to donors open to making a serious financial investment in the organization. Our appeals are often compared to the detailed grant proposals sent by our clients to foundations — because that is the level of partnership they seek to build with donors.


High income potential with relatively low risk
Projection of a high-quality image for the organization
Prospect losses recovered quickly, often in the same year
Major gift prospects identified and upgraded more quickly
Greater retention of donors

In our many years of experience, we’ve found that these are some common questions organizations have that seek ClearWord’s expertise on high-dollar direct mail:

Will our mailing program benefit from knowledge gained from the testing you do for other clients?

Yes, but all specific client information remains confidential. Our experience with the availability of the unique lists we use is an additional strength and one unmatched by other agencies.

Do you offer digital services?

Yes, through our parent company, HSP Direct and its subsidiary, Blitz Marketing Group (see Affiliates and Services page).

Where do you get the names you mail for your clients?

Nova List, with 20+ years of experience is our list broker and they have staff who specialize in high-dollar donors (see Affiliates and Services page). They are constantly on the lookout for new sources of donors likely to contribute to our clients. They manage list exchanges and provide all list brokering services. We can also work with other list companies, if preferred by our clients. ClearWord does not “co-own” donor names generated by its programs.

Do you mark up production costs?

No. Production invoices will be billed directly to clients, care of ClearWord. We will verify the accuracy of invoices, then send them to our clients for payment.

Do you own or have any financial interest in the printing vendors or other production resources used to produce mailings for your clients?

No and this provides us with the ability to customize creative and strategic directions for our clients. No “cookie cutters” here.

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